A Brief Snapshot


The Hamilton Speedway Drivers' Club was formed on September 12th 1969, and is in its 50th year of existence in it's present form.
​Prior to the Hamilton Speedway Drivers' Club forming and then purchasing the speedway site on North Boundary Road, a privately owned company set up and several local businessmen, opened up Western Speedway, and ran meetings for several years, before closing down.
The site was left dormant until a public meeting was held in Hamilton on October 21st, 1970, and a group of interested persons formed the Hamilton Motor Sports Association, which handled the legal aspects of purchasing the land, known as Western Speedway, from Colin Gilmore of Mount Gambier at a cost of $5,500.
​The Hamilton Motor Sport Association was disbanded after the legal aspects of the purchase were completed , and the land was then held under the company name of Western Speedway Drivers Pty. Ltd.. While the local Hamilton Speedway Drivers' Club members ran the race meetings under their direction, with the land being handed over to the Hamilton Speedway Drivers' Inc. when the company closed down.
Prior to 1969, Hamilton drivers were members of the Warrnambool Hot Rod Club. The Hamilton Speedway Drivers Club was formed, and eventually got the track up and running, opening in the December of 1972.
The Hamilton Speedway Drivers Club became incorporated as a not for profit body on July 24th, 1984 and continues on til the current day....